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Sign up today!

Sign up today!

Tour des Fjords Classic 2017 - sign up for a ride you won't forget!

Registration for the Tour des Fjords Classic 2017 is now underway!

Would you like to present someone with registration for this year's event as a gift? If so, contact [email protected]

This year, you can choose between two routes - one short (about 55 km) and one long (about 110 km). Route maps and further information will be posted soon.


Registration fee for 2017 is NOK 690, - (plus license NOK200, -.see below for discount conditions)

Discount for those bikes both Tour des Fjords Classic and Nordsjørittet in 2017.

Cycling organisation Nordsjørittet is in charge of this year's Tour des Fjords Classic. Everyone who signs up as a member of the group will receive a discount for the race licence of NOK 200. You will receive the discount code in the system at enrollment, if you are already registered with Nordsjørittet. Should this not happen automatically, please contact [email protected]

Registration Terms


The race is organised by NCF (Norwegian Cycling Federation) rules. All participants are obliged to comply with the instructions and rules as set by the organisers.

Participants in official race duties are also required to familiarise themselves with the Safety Rules that follow.


Please note that registration is binding - there is no refund in case of illness, injury, etc. Participation in another person's name is not permitted. It is also not allowed to let others participate in your name (your start number). Violations of this can lead to exclusion from all our events for up to five years.


At the enrolment stage and during participation in our events, you must agree that your name will be published in starting and results lists which are available online. Personal data and results will be stored in our database, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Act. The information will be stored on the organiser's website and on the website www.turritt.com

Registration also implies consent to any photographs of you that may be posted on our website after the event. The images will be stored in order to be usable for future use, including advertising leaflets, newspapers and similar publications.


All participants to the Tour des Fjords Classic must have a temporary license if they do not have a full year's license through NCF. A temporary License can be purchased by anyone up to and including 69 years of age, who is a member of the Norwegian National Insurance scheme.


Upon cancellation of our events before event day the organiser may retain 50 per cent of the entry fee to cover expenses. Upon cancellation of the race or during event day because of sudden onset weather / climatic conditions or other unpredictable circumstances, the organiser will retain the entry fee. Other expenses such as transportation, licensing costs and the like will not be refunded in case of illness or cancellation of the event.


I promise to wear a helmet

I promise to follow traffic rules

I'll always keep on the right-hand side on the track

I will always make room for other cyclists overtaking on the left-hand side

I will help if I witness an accident

I am aware that the route is open to the public

I show respect for other riders and spectators

I only throw away litter in designated zones