Right To Play are becoming charity partners to Tour Des Fjords and Hammer Stavanger


Right To Play are becoming charity partners to Tour Des Fjords and Hammer Stavanger

Right To Play are now a part of a collaboration with Tour Des Fjords/Hammer Stavanger for the events that will take place 22-27May 2018. Right To Play will be present with activities for children and adults at both races.

Celebrity sprint Sunday 27. May

On Sunday morning we are arranging a celebrity sprint in Stavanger, together with Santander Consumer Bank and Hammer Stavanger. The celebrity’s will compete against each other through a first round and a final round.

There will be a competition in connection with the sprint where the audience can guess the winner. Santander Consumer Bank are going to donate money to Right To Play based on the amount of people who are participating in the competition.

Happy to contribute to Right To Play´s Work

“Tour des Fjords are really excited to start the collaboration with Right To Play. We think that it is amazing that we can use our event to focus on the important work that Right To Play do, and that this event can contribute to better life quality, play an sport for children who live in disadvantaged areas. We are looking forward to profiling Right To Play and the work that they will be doing under our events with Tour Des Fjords and Hammer Stavanger the 22-27 of May”, says Roy Hegreberg, the general manager of Tour des Fjords.

Sven Erik Bystrøm – the new Right To Play ambassador.

Right To Play is being supported by over 20 Norwegian athletes. The cyclist Erik Bystrøm, UAE Team Emirates, are newly signed as ambassador and will participate on Hammer Stavanger.

About Right To Play:

Right To Play is an international humanitarian organization working to improve children's school day in developing countries. Our work is focusing primarily on learning and playing. Learning strengthens children's opportunities for a better future, and play is used as a tool for academic, social and personal development. Through the guidance and follow-up of teachers and more use of play and activity in teaching, we help to make a significant improvement in children's everyday lives in developing countries.

Right To Play was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Canada. Today we work in 16 different countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The organization is supported by over 20 Norwegian top athletes such as Aksel Lund Svindal, Mats Zuccarello, Ingvild Flugstad Østberg, Kjetil Jansrud and Suzann Pettersen.

Read more about Right To Play: http://righttoplay.no/

Contact information

National Director, Right To Play: Jimmy Vika

E-Mail: jvika@righttoplay.com

Phone: 481 34 681

General manager of Tour Des Fjords/Hammer: Roy Hegreberg

E-mail: roy@tourdesfjords.no

Phone: 996 03 143

Read more about Tour Des Fjords: http://tourdesfjords.no/

Read more about Hammer Stavanger: https://www.hammerstavanger.com