Tell me more about the Hammer Stavanger Classic.

How do I sign up?
Registration for Hammer Stavanger Classic is now open and you can sign up here. The sportive will take place on Saturday May 25, 2019.

Who can take part?
Everyone can take part. There are no limits for participation for Hammer Stavanger Classic, except for the age limit (see below). We recommend planning a training programme ahead of the sportive, to get the most of out the day. Note: A maximum of 1,000 participants will ride this year.

Is there an age limit?

Hammer Stavanger Classic Trimritt (no timed segments): Riders under 13 can participate if accompanied by an adult. Over-13s can register individually.

Hammer Stavanger Classic Turritt (with timed segments): Riders over 17 can participate in Hammer Classic Turritt. No upper age limit.

What do I need to sign up for Hammer Stavanger Classic?

  • Payment card (VISA or MasterCard)
  • Sportive ID number (optional)
  • Team name (optional)

What is a Sportive ID?
Sportive ID is a code to register for many of Norway’s sportives. If you have a Sportive ID, please include it in your registration form. Information about Sportive ID can be found at

Do I need a license?
To be able to participate in sportives and races in Norway, you will need a license. This can be an all-year license or a one-day license. If you are participating in several sportives during the season, we recommend you buy an all-year license. This way, you will also be insured when training. It is required that you are member of a cycling club if you wish to have the all-year license, hence the club is responsible of registering your license. If you’re not a member of a cycling club, you have to buy a one-day license for each sportive you which to participate in. Please bring your all-year license to the race office, when collecting your start number. You are required to bring a valid license to the race office, in order for you to being able to participate in the race/sportive. If not, you will have to buy a one-day license.

Can I get a refund or give my start number to someone else?
Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable, no matter the reason for withdrawing, and your start number is non-transferable.

Can I register a team or my business?
Businesses and teams can promote themselves at Hammer Stavanger Classic in separate groups/start pools. Teams of riders up to five.

How much does it cost? 
299,- frem til og med 28.02.19

399,- 01.03.19 – 30.04.19

499,- 01.05.19 – 20.05.19

One-day license:

  • Trimritt (no timing) – short track: 50 NOK
  • Turritt (timed segments): 150 NOK

Before the sportive:

Bike service?
Ensure your equipment is in good condition to make the most of your day. We recommend you check the bike before the sportive. Check the brake pads and drives (chain and all moving parts) are clean, stainless and oiled. If using new tires they should be used once or twice before the sportive, to avoid surprises on the big day.

On the day:


To be announced.

What should I bring to the start?
All participants can bring a bag for clothes etc. which can be stored securely at Stavanger Forum during the event. Your bag must be marked with name, phone number and your start pool.

Is food provided?

Yes, at feed stations.

Restrooms available?
Restrooms are available at the start, Stavanger Forum.

Equipment – what’s allowed?

Bike: According to the rules of the Norwegian Cycling Federation, you must ride a regular road bike with straight handlebars or drop handlebars. Time trial bikes/tri-bars on a traditional road bike are not allowed. Off-road and hybrid bikes are also acceptable.

Ebike: If you are riding in «Trim» you can use a ebike.

Rental bike: You can rent a bike here.

Clothing: Don’t dress too warm. You will get warm as soon as the race starts. You will on the other hand sweat a lot of the weather is good, which means you are in danger of getting dehydrated, if you don’t drink enough water. Loose arms and legs is practical, and a small wind jacket that fits in your back pocket.

Can I bring food?
It is important to remember that your body is stressed during the sportive. The food you bring should therefore be easily digestible. Your body lose a lot of salt and minerals during the race, so you should compensate as much as possible. We recommend sports drinks instead of juice and water, since the sports drinks contains other minerals which will be better for you. A good sports drink consists of the right amount of short and long chained carbohydrates. Juice mainly consists of sugar, and is therefore not functional as a sports drink. Protein bars is developed to replace the nutrition that your body burns. It is therefore important that you don’t try out new products on your race day. Eat what you are used to.

How much time do I have to finish Hammer Classic 2018?
The event finishes at 15.30 and you should cross the finish line before this. Those who might not be able to finish in time, will have to leave the race. This to maintain the safety of the race, and to make sure you will be able to watch the international superstars compete shortly afterwards. In other words, there’s no reason to leave the area after the sportive!

Think about the environment
We advise you to think about the environment during the event. Please hold on to wrappers, paper and other litter and throw it away at the food stations or when you’ve finished the race at Stavanger Forum.

Think about other riders
Please stop in a safe place if you see someone else in trouble along the route. It is better to stop and help, than continue without helping. Please call the emergency number 113 if an accident occurs. You will find all important contact numbers on your start number. You can also give notice to one of the guards along the route.

What if I have a mechanical issue during the sportive?
You should be able to change a flat tire, so make sure you bring a spare tube. Some technical assistance will be available at the food stations. They can help you adjust the gears etc., but you cannot expect any technical assistance beyond this. We advise all participants to help each other on the route.

Pacelines: How to ride in a group
It is good for all participants to know how to ride in a group and paceline. If you’re a part of a group, it is important to understand how to ride safely and efficiently. Read more here.

Any other questions? Please send us an email:

See the Hammer Classic route maps here

Register for the Hammer Classic here